New aging concept and DNA testing of aging - Telemere Diagnostics' TeloYears.

Telemeres are specialized regions of repetitive nucleotide sequences located at the end of Chromosomes and they serve to protect the chromosomes from deterioration or fusion with other chromosomes. According to modern understanding, the length of telomeres decreases with aging cells; hence a measurement of telomere length can be used to get clues

about how well a cell is aging – and on the macroscopic scale – how well a person is aging!

Recently, Telemere Diagnostics has introduced a new technology by the name of TeloYears, which is a simple DNA test, developed to estimate telomere lengths in the cells. Based on this information, the test is able to inform how well or bad a person is aging. Hence, the usual estimation of aging based on macroscopic changes in body structures is about to change.

In the future, aging will be defined in terms of cellular aging and the test will be carried out by individuals within their homes.

The company is confident about this venture and the developers are hopeful that future doctors will order ATL (average telomere length) tests along with the usual tests like HDL, LDL, Complete Blood Count, ESR etc. This will provide the doctors with a profound understanding of the ongoing aging processes in their patients.


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