Truly amazing Nanochip device reprogram cells to replace tissues - Tissue Nanotransfection (TNT)

A team of researchers at the Ohio State University has developed a nanochip device that exerts its influence on skin cells to transform them into virtually any type of tissue cells of the body. The device is placed in contact with the skin, which then produces intense electric field. The electric field functions to exert influence on specific genes, which then transform the cell into new lines. This phenomenon is termed Tissue Nanotransfection (TNT).

During experiments, skin cells of injured mice were stimulated to transform into vascular cells, which therefore grew blood vessels within a period of 7 days; thereby saving the body part. In other experiments on stroke-affected mice, nerve cells were generated from dermatological tissue using the same technique. Such nerve cells were then transplanted in brain-injured mice successfully recovering the mice from stroke.

The developers of this technology are confident that they can literally convert skin cells into any type of organ with just one touch; once skin cells are reprogrammed, they begin to function as a different type of organ, which can then be transplanted without any fear of immune rejection.


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