Why is online shopping trend increasing in pakistan?

Online Shopping Trends in Pakistan

So, your smart phone has malfunctioned and you are looking to buy a new one, since you have used the older one for quite a while now. What comes to your mind?

Yes! Surfing the internet to get information about new products and their prices was what used to be our first move a few years ago; but now, we are not only looking for information about new products, but also willing to get the best prices about products that we love the most. Truly, internet has become our new market and there are some geninune reasons for this trend.

Your usual retailers who use the brick and mortar model of selling products, have adopted a habit of selling things according to the looks and backgrounds of customers. If you are riding a bicycle and wearing 'acceptable' or mildly dirty clothes, the retailer will notice this and when you ask the price of your desired item, he will drop the price. Conversely, if you park your up-model, shiny and dashing Land cruiser in front of the store and ask the price of an item, the retailer will charge you three to five times higher. This is the reason why most retailers are reluctant to place price-tags on their merchandise. At the same time, when you realize that you paid higher than the real price, you feel ripped-off. Online stores, on the other hand, whether selling at higher or lower prices, have to place a fixed price-tag with each item that they sell online. Hence, prices are used as a tool to get customers, no matter what their financial background. You choose according to what you like and if the price suits you; the product is yours.

Another benefit is the competitive environment that has prevailed due to establishment of many online stores. People behind stores are working hard to provide a wide variety of products originating from different sources. Hence, many products that used to be limited to certain local markets are now sold and sent all over the country. This access to a variety of products, specially in the far flung areas of country, has attracted more and more customers.

In major cities like Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad, overcrowding and traffic problems are also contributory towards enhancement of online businesses. For some shopping is fun, but for others its a headache. Hence, people are turning towards shopping methods that save them fuel costs and time; online shopping in this scenario is an attractive option since products are delivered at the door step. It appears logical to assert that more and more online businesses will continue to emerge with the passage of time and people will completely shift to this pattern of shopping in near future.


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