Importing Otoscopes from Pakistan - Manufacturers and Suppliers of Otoscopes.

According to World Health Organization:

Number of people suffering from Ear-related disease = 360 million worldwide.

Number of Children suffering from Deafness = 32 million worldwide.

Problems related to Ear are concentrated in:

  1. South-Asia

  2. Asia Pacific

  3. Sub-Saharan Africa

The Otoscope market is booming!

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An Otoscope is also called an “Auriscope”. The device is used for examination of the ears. It is a very frequently used device in nearly all hospitals. Its use is not limited to otolaryngologists; the tool is equally useful for a general practitioner; hence nearly all physicians' offices contain this essential examination tool.

Like other equipment that aids medical examination, otoscopes have gone through progressive changes in their design. Otoscopes consist of two basic parts which include:

1) Head and

2) Handle

Currently used otoscopes utilize latest optical and lighting apparatuses to produce images of amazing clarity, thus aiding diagnosis. The head of Otoscopes consist of a light source, which in modern instruments is mostly an LED; it gives off bright light and conserves energy thereby prolonging battery life. The Head also contains its optical system; this in most cases consists of magnifying lens that aids in visualizing minute pathological details in the ear. Attached to the head is an extension that allows attachment of different sized specula; they can be adjusted according to the size of auditory canal.

The Handle of an Otoscope often contains space for batteries. Modern Otoscopes may also contain certain electronic circuits within the handle for various purposes.

Another variety of Otoscopes termed the “Pneumatic Otoscopes” contain an inlet that allows attachment of a bulb; the bulb functions to blow air through the speculum, thereby aiding the examiner to evaluate mobility of the patient’s tympanic membrane during ear examination.

Since Otoscopes are very frequently used instruments, they are always in demand in nearly every healthcare setup. Pakistani manufacturers hold a prominent position in manufacturing world class Otoscopes that find wide application in nearly every corner of the world.

Pakistan’s manufacturers have the edge of benefitting from their Century-old experience of developing and manufacturing surgical and related instruments.

Hence manufacturers in Pakistan produce literally tens of thousands of instruments - an Otoscope being just one of them!

If you are looking to import Otoscopes for your business, Pakistan should be your first choice, since no country on Earth can match the prices and quality that you can get from this country. Just give it a try.

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