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If you are looking to buy an ultrasound machine for use in your practice, perhaps the most difficult decision is to determine whether to buy a new or an old ultrasound machine. Although it is generally believed that the best idea is to buy new ultrasound equipment; the reality is different. Moreover, many buyers are incapable of buying brand new equipment; for them, the simple solution is to buy used or refurbished equipment from a reliable source.

For your convenience, let us put the idea in two simple equations!

Take a closer look:

Suppose you are willing to spend One-Million-Rupees on buying ultrasound equipment for your hospital. Here are the two possible outcomes that you may achieve by spending this amount.

For the same amount of money, the following equations define your possibilities:

Rs. 1,000,000 = New Ultrasound Machine (Newer model + satisfactory features + good aftersales service)

Rs. 1,000,000 = Refurbished/Used Ultrasound Machine (Older model + equivalent or better features + Limited after-sales service)

Do your maths!


Although most people consider this to be the first factor that affects their choice when making a purchase, this in fact comes after the above-mentioned factors. The first thing to consider is your plan of payment. Are you ready to make full payment for your desired equipment? If not, an alternative is to ‘lease’ the equipment (depending upon your local laws & the available banking/fiscal facilities). A comparison of both options should enable you to make a clear decision regarding payment. Generally speaking, those who intend to get better features and up-to-date technology opt for leasing; others prefer to pay in lump sum.


We have always tried to keep our visitors updated about the prevailing prices of ultrasound equipment in Pakistan, however, the problem here is frequent fluctuation in prices. Still, to give you an idea about the prices of ultrasound equipment that is routinely available with us, we have displayed price details on our website: Click here

Alternatively, you may write to us for up-to-date prices of your desired ultrasound equipment; we assure you that we'll respond at the earliest.

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