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I’m a healthcare professional. I meet new people every day. It’s a nice feeling to listen to peoples’ problems and work with them to develop treatment plans together. I love the feeling of being helpful and when my clients get better, I feel I have won. But there’s more.

Occasionally, a challenge surfaces; a person comes who is ultra depressed and even my best words fail to sooth him or her. Not all, but many of them have issues about the way they look. Although people call this negative body image; I prefer to call it “temporary negative body image”. Reason? Read on.

Acne, Burn scars or excessive weight – all have one thing in common; they change the way you feel about yourself. You start comparing yourself with others and this is where your trouble begins. Although people with scars are also depressed; yet the most severely depressed are those with excessive weight. And there is a reason for this. Do you know why?

When you are overweight, you can easily quantify your problem in numbers. You go to bathroom, take off your robes and climb the weighing scale: you have your number! (weight). As the number rises, so does your worry. You struggle to bring the number down, but when it rises further, you’re further depressed. In contrast, people with acne or other scars don’t really have a way to get a number; a different scenario! But what if I say, getting a number is good? That’s true, let me show you why.

Ever thought, why God fitted ‘pain sensors’ in our body? If there is a cut on your finger, chances are you will not use that finger, until it is healed. Why? Because it is painful. Thus pain protects you from using a body part that needs healing. Pain is therefore protective. Isn’t it? The same is true for Numbers (weight). Had there been no number, you wouldn’t have realized that there was a problem. You would have continued on your downward path incessantly. But now that you know there is a problem, you can try to correct it. You can correct it knowing it is temporary. When this goes away, so will your ‘temporary negative body image’. But how do you do this?

One way of doing this is by the use of Garcinia Cambogia. Garcinia cambogia is considered native to Indonesia and names like kudam puli, pot tamarind, Malabar tamarind and brindleberry are all attributed to Garcinia. You might have considered using this option in the past and then dropped the idea for one reason or the other. It seems that you are once again willing to use it and that’s what brought you here. Fine. But before I introduce you to the benefits of this medicine, lets take a deeper look on its worrisome aspects; all unmercifully.

Whenever you plan to take a medicinal product, what is the first question that comes to your mind?

True! Does the benefit outweighs the risk?

In case of Garcinia cambogia risk may include symptoms like headaches, common cold like symptoms, lowered blood sugar levels, dizziness, dry mouth, gastric discomfort and in some cases diarrhea.

If you are not worried about these, read further.

You should avoid the use of Garcinia if you have the following conditions or if your are taking medicine for them:

Pregnancy or breastfeeding, kidney or liver disease, Diabetes, Anemia (iron supplements), Painful conditions (using pain-killers), Asthma, Allergic conditions, psychiatric disorders, deranged lipid profile or blood clotting disorders (using warfarin).

If none of the above conditions relate to you, Garcinia Cambogia can do wonders for you. Read on.

[Presenting Garcinia Ultra Pure]

I can’t guarantee that your excess weight will be gone forever, but the Garcinia Ultra Pure can really make a difference. Lets get to know how.

The Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) found in Garcinia Cambogia is considered its active ingredient and Garcinia Ultra Pure contains plenty of it; 1000mg per serving! HCA blocks citrate lyase enzyme, which our body uses for making fats.

In the light of some studies, HCA also acts to lower lipid levels in body.

You might have seen the Hydroxycitric acid content mentioned on Garcinia cambogia products which is expressed in milligrams. The purity is mentioned in percentage. Upto 2800mg of HCA daily have been used in humans for research purposes, without any dangerous side effects.

Additionally, serotonin in our brains is also increased – the reason for diminished hunger feeling. People using garcinia report that they feel full all day long; so they eat less naturally. An additional benefit of elevated serotonin level manifests as better mood and higher energy level.

If you are the sporty type, here is additional good news for you. Research has shown that garcinia intake enhances endurance levels thereby improving athletic performance. So you don’t feel exhausted and can perform exercise for longer intervals.

For Garcinia to work, simple diet modification is needed. Interestingly, some research work points to the fact that garcinia works well when you increase your fat intake and lower carbohydrates and fiber intake.

Garcinia products are available in different strengths and forms. Upto 2800mg of garcinia extract daily has been used safely in researches. Standard dosing regimens have not been formulated, and so different products come with varying extract purity. The greater the purity, the better the formulation.

Some manufacturers add synergictic ingredients to enhance the effect of their product. Garcinia Ultra Pure contains calcium and potassium for better absorption.

Since it causes blood sugar levels to fall, diabetics taking antidiabetic drugs may not take garcinia due to the risk of hypoglycemia.


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