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Hospital beds are designed for a wide range of purposes and for this reason their prices vary to a great extent. Medical beds are broadly classified into ward beds and ICU beds; but this distinction is too generalized. If you are planning to buy patient beds in Pakistan, you should consider the purpose for which you are buying and then decide whether you need a locally manufactured hospital bed or an imported medical bed. Locally manufactured beds are almost always sold in new condition; however, imported beds are marketed as new or refurbished ones.

Although functionality is of prime importance in hospital beds, their appearance also matters; especially when the buyer intends to purchase a bed for use at their home to take care of a loved one. Hence many manufacturers use wooden finish on foot and head boards. This approach aligns the patient beds with home décor; a feature that helps the patient psychologically, since his bed is more like a home-bed and less like a hospital bed.

Price of a bed depends upon its type. Some common types of Hospital beds are discussed below:

Full-electric Hospital Beds

These beds are powered by electricity and the position of frame, head and feet area can be adjusted using a wired remote control. Since such a hospital bed is powered by electricity, no manual effort is needed to adjust the bed. Such beds are highly priced.

Semi-electric hospital beds

This type of patient bed is quite similar to the fully-electric patient bed type, except there is one prominent difference; the adjustment of bed height requires manual effort. Height adjustment is done by rotating a crank/handle using physical force. The price of such beds is lower than full-electric medical beds.

Manual Hospital beds

This type of patient beds require manual effort to make all adjustments including head and foot position as well as the height of the patient bed. Such beds are quite affordable (low price), since they do not carry the electric equipment.

Low Hospital Beds

For patients who frequently get in and out of bed, or those who are at risk of a fall during sleep, this type of medical bed is a great option. The level (height from floor) of such beds is much lower, which adds to the safety of patient. Such beds often provide all other options (fully electric).

Bariatric Patient Beds

These medical beds have evolved to support the weight of patients who are excessively obese or overweight. Bariatric beds have a wide mattress surface and their material is such that it can withstand excessive weight. Such beds are very durable and they often possess all automatic options; hence they come with a very high price tag.

Trendelenburg Medical Beds

Patients who are chronically ill, aged, or those who are in recovery or under therapy may require position adjustments in which either head has to be higher than feet, or feet have to be higher than the head. Sometimes other extreme and special positions are desired for the purpose of treatment. In such situations, Trendelenburg hospital beds prove helpful since these beds offer extraordinary adjustment option. Such beds are of huge size and they are almost always fully automatic. Yes, their price tag is the highest!

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