Differences between the home, dress and food of a family living in Gilgit and Singapore

What differences would you expect to find between the home, dress and food of a family living in Gilgit and Singapore?


The landscape in Singapore consists of high-rise buildings and a typical family home in this region is a small apartment many floors off the ground.

Since Gilgit is located in mountains, high-rise buildings are absent from the landscape. Stone is the most frequently used building material which is available easily. Homes of families are generally bigger than those found in Singapore, but they are not multi-storey.


Although Singapore doesn’t have a national dress, any dress that has an Orchid (flower’s name) print on it is considered to represent Singaporean culture.

Men in Gilgit wear woolen caps with a feather on them. They also wear Shalwar Qameez. Women in Gilgit wear the traditional Iraghi cap with a Jewel in it called ‘Silsila’. Women also wear loose Shalwar Qameez and colourful frocks.


In Singapore the common food staples include rice, vegetables, chicken and fish. A rich variety of spices is also part of the food. Restaurants in Singapore are common and they offer cheap food; so it is very common for people to eat outside their homes. Forks, chopsticks and spoon are used to eat food. Some people also drink Alcohol.

In Gilgit a number of drinks and foods are traditionally consumed. Some of these include chapshoro, Harissa, Chamus, Sharbat and Gooli. Beef, chicken, mutton and a number of spices like chilli, pepper and salt are common parts of the food. Drinks include Balingi chai, tumoro chai and sharbat. Chappati (bread) is eaten in the morning with a saltish tea.


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