TENS Physiotherapy Machine Price in Pakistan

Physiotherapists use TENS Machines for Pain Management

TENS Physiotherapy Machine Price in Pakistan

The use of nerve stimulation equipment for pain management is increasing and for this reason TENS physiotherapy machine price in Pakistan continue to fluctuate, as different machines with different features become available. Pain management is a challenge in many health conditions and long-term management of pain is associated with a number of complications. Most complications arise due to the use of pain-killing medication and some of these complications are irreversible. For this reason, it is logical that most people look for suitable alternatives to pain-killers - one of them being the TENS unit / machine.

TENS refers to Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, which is a drug-free way to manage pain. TENS machines come with a variety of features and functions. TENS machine price depends on the features and functions offered by the unit.

TENS machine uses

- A TENS machine can be used in many conditions, some of which are mentioned below:

- Sports injuries pain

- Spinal cord injury / pain

- Period pain

- Neck pain

- Back pain

- Rheumatoid arthritis

- Shoulder pain

- Bursitis

- Foot pain

- Joint pain

- Osteoarthritis

- Fibromyalgia

- Pain in arms and legs

- Lower back pain

- Hip and Thigh pain

- Knee pain

- Calf pain

- Post-operative pain

- Endometriosis

- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

- Multiple sclerosis

- Labour pain

- Arthritis

- Diabetic Neuropathy

How TENS machine works?

TENS machine works by delivering electrical impulses through the skin to your nerves. The TENS unit produces repeated sequences of electric impulses that flood the nervous system due to repeated stimulation. This flooding reduces the ability of nerves to transmit pain signals. Since fewer pain signals reach the Central Nervous System (Brain & Spinal cord), the users report an improvement in their pain-related discomfort. Additionally, stimulation of nerves also results in the production of natural pain-killer chemicals in the body (endorphins). These endorphins also help to control pain sensations in the body.

TENS physiotherapy Machine Price

TENS machine price is dependent on its make and features. A TENS unit may have the following features:

- Different modes for different pain modalities.

- The ability to reduce pain in multiple body locations.

- Multiple channels to treat pain at more than one location at a time.

- The ability to adjust intensity of TENS impulses.

- CE or FDA certification for safety of the device.

- Easy-to-use display.

- Easy-to-use functions.

- Portability of the device; some devices can be carried along.

- Wearable TENS device.

- TENS devices that offer bluetooth connectivity.

- TENS connectivity to mobile phone applications/apps.

- TENS unit that offers ‘heating’ in addition to nervous stimulation.

Generally speaking, as the number of features increase, so does the price. Some models of TENS Unit like the Besmed BE 660 are very well established in the Pakistani market. But sky is the limit, and as you search for more and more sophisticated models, the TENS machine price rises accordingly. You should keep in mind you specific need to make a decision about buying the most suitable type of TENS machine, since TENS machine price is an important factor that influences your choice.

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