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How to Buy Walk Through Disinfection Tunnels in Pakistan?

Before you buy walk through disinfection tunnels in Pakistan, know this!

If you are planning to buy walk through disinfection tunnel, you need to know some important aspects of this product. Walk through disinfection tunnels are designed to spray a disinfectant on any object or person that passes through them. Since some diseases like Corona Virus disease (COVID-19) are thought to spread through fomites (objects and materials that can carry infection) also, spraying disinfectant on everything that passes through a tunnel is a more effective approach to limit the spread of infection. 

A Walk Through Disinfection Tunnel on display

Where Are Disinfection Tunnels Installed?

This equipment is installed at the entrances and sometimes, exits of public buildings that have a large number of visitors. Since these buildings harbour a large number of individuals in a closed space (mostly), these buildings are considered ‘hotspots’ which can possibly contribute significantly to the spread of an infection.

Common places where these gates can be installed include supermarkets, hospitals, Mosques, airports, railways stations, pharmacies, public offices, factory entrances and private companies.

Which disinfectants are used in the disinfection tunnels?

Many different disinfectants are used to achieve disinfection of the objects or individuals that pass through a tunnel. Sodium hypochlorite is one such chemical, which is suitable for use on a surface. Chlorine sprays help disinfect the surfaces but a higher concentration of chlorine is not considered suitable. A routinely used disinfectant consists of methanol (2100ml) and chlorine (0.030kg) mixed with a large amount of water (6000L).

How long does a person stay in the tunnel?

Normally, a person walking through the tunnel will spend somewhere between 4 and 10 seconds, depending upon the length of tunnel and the speed of the person walking through it. Once sprayed, the disinfectant provides protection for about 4 hours.

Depending upon the design of tunnel, the number of people that can pass through the tunnel in one minute may range from 10 to 80. This is an important factor when you are considering the purchase of a tunnel.

What walk through tunnels cannot achieve?

Some individuals have a faulty perception regarding the effectiveness of walk through tunnels. They assume that passing through the tunnel will cure the infectious disease (e.g. corona virus infection) within their body. This is utterly wrong and everyone should understand that walk-through tunnels do not cure infections in this way.

Structure and function

Most tunnels are between 10 and 20 feet length, nearly 6 feet wide and 6-10 feet high. But there is no standard size; you may order a custom size. The material used in these tunnels consists of a steel frame, cladding sheets, fibreglass fabrication and panaflex coating or labelling. The structure consists of pipe tubes running within its body that function to deliver disinfectant to the jets (atomizing nozzles) located at key positions. Suitable lighting is added to facilitate the visitors. A tank (to store disinfectant) and a pump (to spray out disinfectant) are part of the system. Some tunnels are fitted with motion sensors; hence when a person approaches the tunnel, the tunnel starts spraying disinfectant automatically, and stops when the person exits the tunnel. Some tunnels make use of ‘traffic lights’ to guide the visitors; when to stop and when to enter.

Other features of the tunnels include the following: - The tunnels are of the plug-and-play type. All you need to do is to place the tunnel, fill the disinfectant, plug the cord - thats it! It is ready for use.

  • Tunnels can be removed, shifted to another place or installed on a temporary basis.

  • In some cases, the frame can be extended if required.

  • There is almost no maintenance since the equipment is designed to stay trouble free to extended period of time.

  • The ceiling, windows, covers, colors and printing can be customised.

Technical specification of disinfection tunnels

- What is the number of nozzles and type? 6 to 12 numbers with 0.3 mm mist type and SS grade mainly depending on the model and requirements.

- Which Pump type is used in these tunnels? HP pump with 90 to 130 PSI outlet pressure operated on 12 VDC mainly.

- Which type of Filter does this equipment contain?

Bamboo Filter for liquid and High grade air filter for dual chamber is utilized.

- How is a walk through tunnel Operated? Operation details

Plug and Play at 220 VAC i.e domestic Electricity.

- How does the walk through tunnel work?

Automatic object detection and operation with adjustable shower time depending on type of disinfectant used.

- Durability and Life If handled properly, the structure lasts for 15 to 20 years. Occasional maintenance may be needed.

- After Sale Service

Service is provided free of cost for the first time, but the client has to pay for the parts that need replacement. After this, the client has to pay for the service also.

If you are willing to secure your premises by installing a disinfection tunnel at the entrance of your facility/building, you have come to the right place. Please feel free to contact us. We are always delighted to help you.

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